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Social media is the most popular word pronounced by a huge population in and around the world. From Toddlers to old generations, everybody is familiar with all the platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest and so on. We understand the effectiveness of SMM to target audiences, to drive traffic and sales through websites.

Social Media Marketing

             Connect & Engage with the right audience

In simple terms, using social media platforms to drive traffic and leads. For example, we all know the story of a crow drinking water from a pot by dropping some stones. Yes, so the water is your traffic and dropping is what we do with social media and it is different from SEO. We are the best social media marketing agency.


Benefits of Social Media Marketing

Do you know, 52% of the marketers generate their leads through social media

Trends keep evolving and changing, especially with SMM. But the pros are never less. One can establish brand identity, be always available online and never miss out a customer, build conversation directly to the audience, increase organic traffic, can merge with influencers and the list goes on.


Fragments about Our Team

Our Digital marketing Experts are a team of enthusiasts, they are aware of the role of SMM and have successfully completed more than 250+ projects. As a social media marketing agency, Our team is up to date with the latest trends, tactics and strategies, they know how to rock your social media handles.

Why we are the Best Social Media Marketing Agency

We are aware that there are many agencies in and around India. With that to say, here are a few things that make our clients choose us.

  • Your success is comes first

We work as a part of your team and focus only on your success. Our main motive is to bring you in the spotlight and innovate new ideas and development strategies to determine your success.

  • Dynamic SMM Agency

We build strategies to project you in front of the right audience, understanding of your business needs. We provide regular updates of reports, making you aware of all the process involved.

  • No waiting for answers

We never like making you wait for your answers. We love to give immediate responses to many kinds of questions that you would want to clarify regarding digital marketing services.

  • Clarity in approach

No more hidden secrets when you choose our SMM Agency. We are all in When it comes to Transparency. We will keep you updated on the strategies, execution, success and the areas that need improvement.

 Services in iDigital Techs

  • Social media Strategy

We build iconic step by step strategies, meditating on your needs, your niche and your business. We monitor and stick to the industry specific audience who bring about a positive change

  • Paid Social media marketing

We target your audience and make you visible in front of the right group of people who will call to action. We create perfect and creative marketing campaigns, with the estimated results.

  • Social Media Audit

A complete analysis of your social media sites. For instance, how the site impacting in organic traffic, target audience, call to action and so on.

  • Reputation management

Brand is all about maintaining the reputation. Every review and comments can influence the growth and success of your brand. Following up on query comments and a small acknowledgement to a review will do a great job.

  • Influencer management

We create a tone and style for your brand in the audience and engage with influencers that match up with your brand. We confer with the top notch influencers.

  • Content Creation

We make your brand familiar in the audience base by creating viral posts. Our dedicated designers create extraordinary posts and content that will make you the face of the talk.

Frequently Asked Questions


What Are The Advantages of SMM?

iDigital Techs Solutions isn’t simply a creative digital marketing agency but also a social media marketing agency in India, and with broadened lengths of incorporation in a prevalent perception of the market, here we have recorded down a couple of benefits of electronic media progressing:

  • Simulates Brand Awareness
  • Conveys More Inbound Traffic
  • Further makes Search Engine Rankings
  • Higher Conversion Rates
  • Happy customers!
  • Further makes Brand Loyalty
  • Sensibility


What Are The Critical Structures For SMM (Social Media Marketing)?

In this quickly driving universe of digitalization, electronic media acknowledges a tremendous part! Being conceivably the most awe-inspiring electronic media relationship in Mumbai, we understand the importance of organizing the showing plan and effectively executing something the equivalent! Followings are a couple of strategies that you should consider while getting sorted out your web-based media showing moves:

  • Producing Multi-media Based Content
  • Changed Posting
  • Partner with Campaigns or Contests
  • Setting up brands on Social Profiles
  • Conduct Events
  • Accumulate Communities
  • Coordinate campaigns (online & offline)
  • Making use of Facebook offers and online media stunts
  • Answer Comments and data sources
  • Collect information and Surveys
  • Continue to fortify your substance and pages
  • Share and Track Results


How Might I Make Leads On Social Media?

Essentially follow the under-alluded to advances and prescribe those systems to make more leads through internet-based media!

  • Gated content affiliation sharing
  • Run contests
  • Online media publications
  • Facebook custom tabs
  • Have a home base, online class, or insta live video
  • Utilize allotted online media tuning in
  • Check out pleasing selling