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Rank in the top search engine result pages by Search Engine Optimization, get higher organic traffic in turn giving you great leads. It impacts for a longer period of time.

How SEO works?

How Search Engine Optimization works?

Search Engine optimization is making a website or a blog or a piece of content easily rank in the search engines like google, Bing, yahoo. Higher ranking, higher traffic. We will analyze and understand the pain points of the customers and target accordingly with a ranking seo tactics.

Google recommends Search engine Optimization for promoting traffic .Choose the services in conforming with your necessity from the SEO Agency in India.


A small autobiography of our SEO Agency

We started with a small team of five seo consultants. All the projects we have successfully finished challenged us in every possible way. Our team evolved to the upgrading trends in SEO. Our team also framed strategy and plans to execute according to the changes in the search engines. We are an effective team and are up to date with SEO rules and principles. Our team thrives till they make it happen. We believe in the claim to never give up till you succeed.


Services in SEO

What is on page SEO?

The optimization and alterations made on the website is called On-page SEO. It includes practices like enhancing the content, media, making the website user friendly when viewed on different devices, upgrading page speed, and internal linking. To simply put, developing web pages in a website or blogs.

What is off page SEO?

Off-page SEO is everything done outside the website, to increase the ranking of the website. This SEO makes your site’s rank fly high. We trigger the full potential of ranking, through off page tactics like link building. We make sure that your site or content has links from authoritative sites. These links increase the domain authority which in turn increases the chances in google lifting you up in SERPs.

What is Local SEO?

Local SEO is all about increasing the visibility of your business online by targeting the local audience where you are or your business is located. Local SEO marketing is much more effective, and drives more traffic to your website.  With the help of our SEO skills, we can build and implement strategies understanding your sole business needs. We optimize local search terms, Google My Business, and show that your website is worth ranking higher.

What is Technical SEO?

We make sure that all the technical aspects of your website are up and running. Fix the broken pages linked to the site, increase the speed of the site, and so on. We also update the XML sitemap, for easy indexing of the web pages. Our team of experts take care of the site entirely from strategy to maintenance.


Why choose us?

We are aware that there are many agencies in and around India. With that to say, here are a few things that make our clients choose us.

  • Your success is comes first

We work as a part of your team and focus only on your success. Our main motive is to bring you in the spotlight and innovate new ideas and development strategies to determine your success.

  • Dynamic SEO Agency

We create strategies by starting with the in-depth analysis of your business. We provide regular updates of reports, making you aware of all the processes involved.

  • No waiting for answers

We never like making you wait for your answers. We love to give immediate responses to many kinds of questions that you would want to clarify regarding digital marketing services.

  • Clarity in approach

 No more hidden secrets when you choose our SEO Agency. We are all in When it comes to Transparency. We will keep you updated on the strategies, execution, success and the areas that need improvement.


A fact about SEO 


Facts on SEO Many websites, 72% around the world, are not optimized properly and so fail to rank higher. So know the importance of SEO and optimize it with the best SEO Agency, iDigital Techs.