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We, iDigital Techs is an established sem agency in India that puts the needs of the clients first. Our team of experts in the field of search engine marketing has handled various projects that remain successful till date. 


Search Engine marketing services offered by iDigital Techs


Competitive Analysis

Analyzing your competitors is necessary. You should know the strengths and weaknesses of your components. Are they working on something new? What strategies are they implementing that make them successful? Doing such an in-depth analysis can help to get an idea of what your competitors are up to.

When it comes to analyzing, we are proactive rather than being active. Here at iDigital Techs, we research the competitors thoroughly, get an insight into their products, what they are offering, and their marketing tactics. With the acquired information we further implement stronger strategies. This is a highly effective and proven technique to strengthen and secure the business of our clients in the digital marketing world. 

Keyword research

Keyword research is yet another important factor that has to be taken into consideration. Keyword research is a process of choosing the right words strategically and including them in your content so that search engines can rank your content based on the popular terms that people type into the search bars. This is the most fundamental practice and has been in use since 2005. Over time, the algorithm of search engines changes and it is important to keep pace with the search engine marketing trends.

In iDigital Techs, a sem agency in India, Keyword research is done before we start a campaign. We understand the intent of users when they access the sites and update content accordingly. Once the contents are scripted placing the keywords, we proceed with further optimization of the site before launching and publishing. 

Campaign Setup And Launch

Running marketing campaigns is necessary to establish clear communication with their audience and acquire new leads. Launching campaigns is easier said than done. We unify as a team and put together the thoughts, ideas, and strategies to make the campaign successful. Our steps can bring the whole thing to next level, therefore we do it with utter caution. We are good in finding the right fit for you.

Reporting and Optimization

On completion of the above process, we don’t relax once the job is done. We monitor the results with great importance. To know what is working for your business correctly. It is done by checking the reports tab where we can analyze the input data and raw computations. We make use of the Google Analytics tool for optimization purposes and to obtain information about the status and actionable data. 


Frequently Asked Questions


Do I need Search Engine Marketing for my company?

Promoting your business can be quite difficult in this competitive world without making use of proper advertising techniques. A highly effective and outcome-oriented technique is SEM which helps you boost your business presence by increasing your online visibility. Doing so can assist your business with arriving at new clients, trimming expenses of acquisition, and increment incomes.

Being a successful sem agency in India that provides SEM services we would like you to understand the reasons behind this strategy,

  • Focused entirely on conversion
  • Creates and increases brand awareness
  • Easily accessible
  • Generates revenues

How does Google Ads help?

Google Advertisements is a paid platform that triggers ads when the right keywords are used. These take the users to the intended page or site that contains relevant results for the queries entered. It is efficient, important, and has high conversion results due to appropriate lead generation. As a successful SEM company in Mumbai, we provide marketing tips to our clients and one of them is encouraging them to invest in Google Ads. The algorithm focuses on the right SEO practices and content marketing ideas that increase your brand visibility not only on Google but also on other search engine platforms.

How Google AdWords is Different from SEO?

We are a reliable SEM company in Mumbai that aims to provide the best digital marketing services for our clients. Though SEO and SEM have slight variations in how they work they are not independent of each other and both are equally essential to provide the expected results. SEO can be very tedious yet is exceptionally powerful to produce natural traffic and then again, Search Engine Marketing is simple and cost-effective that pushes up immediately on the screen of your clients.  Following such practices can boost your conversion rates and lead generation.

Why Wait ?

Timing is really important for any process. Especially when it comes to your business, every single move is really important. So make a wish decision and fill the contact form immediately and get the best Search Engine Marketing services from the best SEM agency in India.