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Tired of all those advertising emails flooding your mail. Sometimes these newsletters and emails may captivate you to open them. Or, sometimes you may mark it as spam. Whatever be your response based on reports, email marketing is one efficient way to connect with customers by sending them personalized messages. One stop solution, iDigital techs, the best email marketing agency in India.

Email marketing, maybe an oldest form of marketing but still it works wonders. The only think you want to know is where to get the authentic email marketing services, to get amazing results.


Email marketing services – iDigital Techs


With more ROI on this particular method of marketing, we efficiently work to help our clients get the maximum profit after investing in this. We craft the mails with such efficiency in order to attain a maximum conversion.

Let us tell you about the our email marketing services and the perks that you and your business will benefit.


What is Email Marketing?


Email marketing is a fast, flexible, and cost-effective method of marketing and it helps reach new customers and also retain the existing customers by encouraging them to visit the websites. Email marketing strategy helps you reach targeted customers. These personalized messages are an amazing way to build a good relationship with your customers. The response rates are higher and can boost your direct marketing campaigns.


Perks of Email Marketing Services that you will benefit


  • It is more cost-effective than other marketing techniques as there are no additional costs of printing fees, media space an advertising fees
  • It is permission-based, which means the user has allowed these emails to be sent to them. It is done by customers who are genuinely interested in your business and as a way to keep in touch with you.
  • Flexible design can help you advertise as plain text or ad images or attach files. Choice of design also enhances how the customers react to it.
  • They are scalable and can reach a wider or targeted audience group.
  • It is easily shareable. Can be forwarded to one person or to a group of people which influences more potential customer
  • The built-in links provided in the mails help in easy conversion and increased sales
  • It is time-saving as it automatically sends messages based on their activity on your site.


Why choose us – iDigital Techs


We are a tireless team of professionals and also learners. And so we never stick to any ancient techniques all the time. As a best email marketing agency in India, we explore for better ways to get your imagined outcome to reality. We have a capable team of thinkers and executers, who know aware of their actions, and expect for all positive reactions to your business.


Frequently asked questions


Why should I choose email marketing?

As an established email marketing company in India, we recommend sour clients to promote their business through the email marketing method as it is not only easier but also reaches a potential audience by targeting them based on their needs and requirements. Customization can help understand your customers and provide more tailored and relevant communication thereby establishing a customer-owner bond. In various ways this method is more effective than social media, can be customized as per the needs, an action-oriented, cost-effective, and measurable practice of promoting.


How can the right email marketing strategy be done?

We are an email marketing agency in India that makes use of effective strategies to help our clients attain the maximum reach. Doing so helps us achieve the overall marketing goals of our clients. Read through the following points to get a better insight into what we do and how we do it. These are proven methods that if followed can help boost your business effectively,

  • Make use of the right email marketing tools
  • Know who your target audiences are
  • Email should be comprised of segments
  • Schedule your email & Decide on a particular type of email
  • Format your email content the right way
  • Choose the right link building tactics
  • Define your email marketing goals and work to achieve them
  • Optimize them & Report


What are the various types of email marketing campaigns:

  • Welcome emails to invite your customer to be an active member
  • Product/service feedback messages to help understand the side of customers can be greatly used to improve your business
  • New feature update emails are to inform your customers about what advancements you have made
  • Email confirmation messages are to ensure that those who have subscribed still want to be a part of your business
  • Thank You messages
  • Milestone message to connect to the users and help them know how long you have come
  • Newsletters to remind them what they are missing out, and,
  • Gift messages to boost their participation.


Email Marketing company – iDigital Techs


For immediate assistance, contact us as soon as possible to know about other digital marketing services. We are eager and awaiting to hear your business proposal. We love to solve challenges. Bring us challenging projects and we help you create successful businesses.