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Reach out to audiences by strengthening the website, creating Brands and management through social media channels, and building your marketing from scratch. Moreover, the services are designed for the growth of your business. We set goals to achieve. We also have merchandise and projects from Dubai, Mumbai and Pune.

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Our Services in Digital Marketing

We have a good amount of experience in the field but that does not stop us from exploring new strategies. A team filled with experts in all dimensions of digital marketing. We communicate our work in a language that you will understand. iDigital Techs lets you concentrate on running your business and we watch over the toughest part. So, its okay if you don’t have an idea where your business needs to be improved. Because we will do that for you, to come up with a best strategy that suits you.


Search Engine Optimization

Our SEO services will be at effective motion, not just with driving sales and traffic. But we help you with building trust among your consumers. Strengthening the authority of your website resulting in increase in your conversion rate. 

Social Media Marketing

We know how to make you become a famous brand on social media. With our digital marketing services, push your brand high through viral posts, videos, optimizing stories to the fullest.

Search Engine Marketing

Search Engine Marketing is otherwise called SEM is perhaps the best method for promoting and developing your business online in this inexorably competitive world. With so many businesses out there one needs to follow the most effective and outstanding method to capture the eyes of the target audience. To do so, the best platforms are social media, and given below are ideas on how each works.

Facebook Ads:

Facebook Ads are an example of what is known as ‘paid social’ or otherwise known as a practice of advertising through social networks. The number of monthly users in this network is quite high with no age distinction. This has made Facebook a potentially profitable and favorable element in the field of business digital advertisement. 

Our active involvement in promoting Facebook Ads has helped various companies to establish their brand presence through the most used social media platform. 

Instagram Ads:

Similar to Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads are posts for which businesses pay to promote their business across a specific platform. Its functioning is similar to that of Facebook. These paid advertisement posts appear in the feed, explore, and the stories of the users. It looks similar to that of a regular post and the only marked differentiation is that they contain a “sponsored” label as an indication that the post is an Ad. A few other distinguishable characteristics are links, CTA buttons, and catalogs of the product.

With Instagram surpassing the average user proportion, it is the most effective tool to develop and promote your product or business. These services are offered by us and the conversion results were amazing!

YouTube Ads:

A powerful method for promoting your video content is YouTube Advertising which is done through Google Ads. They appear in the search results thereby increasing the user reach of the content. The Ads aim to maximum target by playing the ad video before the user views another video and popping up in the search results. 

YouTube Ads can be TrueView advertisements, Unskippable promotions, Bumper instream advertisements, Sponsored card advertisements, overlay advertisements, and display promotions. Before you start your YouTube ad campaigning, understand how each one works and choose the one more suitable for your plan.

Youtube also has a wider audience scale. Though it obstructs the viewer’s experience of watching a video, it is a lifesaving idea for business promotion and that is what is necessary to attract your audience to visit your business site. 

Google Ads:

Formerly known as Google Adwords, it is the most popular and world’s largest PPC advertising. Its usage is so widespread that it has become synonymous with the term ‘paid search”. Though different in their intention and their way of working it is still used effectively in other search engines such as Bing known as Bing Ads.

Google is the most commonly used search engine and google ads are the most commonly used advertising platform. We create in a more efficient way that it redirects to your business site efficiently and smoothly.

Influencer Management

Influencers play a vital role in the impact of a particular brand. We take the responsibility of creating the best tone of voice for your brand. Creating a style of approach and finding the best influencer in your niche to create brand awareness among the audience.

Email Marketing

In short, recapturing the attention of the customers through automated and well structured emails. Meanwhile, building relationships with the existing customers and making you capitalize your business using digital marketing services

Content Marketing

Certainly, content development is all about well planned strategy and proper execution. We have talented content creators, not just with copywriting. But also skills in digital marketing services, to grasp the attention of the clients with mesmerizing content.