Top 10 Best Cheap Web Hosting In India

The groundwork of your web-based presence lies in web hosting. Whether you are looking to post a blog or launch an e-commerce store, you need to have a foundational base of operations. There is a wide range of options out there, ranging from cheap to one that costs. If you are planning to build a new website then shared hosting can be a perfect place to start.

What is Cheap Web Hosting?

If you are just starting your website journey then going in for cheap web hosting is a viable option to consider. Here, you needn’t pay a fortune but it is also necessary to choose the right site as there are a lot of scams out there. If you are looking for viable websites that are available for a lower price, the list is small and it gets even smaller finding the one that offers reputable services. 

Why Should I Use a Budget Hosting Plan?

After you buy a site, you really want a hosting plan. In simple terms, a hosting plan means that you make use of the services provided by web hosts, businesses that maintain, configure, and run the physical services of the websites.  

To profit from their administrations, you want to buy them from the hosting specialist co-op. By doing so you rent the space to store the data of your site, the HTML and CSS files, media content, and other documents related to it. 

How Much Should Shared Hosting Cost?

The most reasonable and cost-productive kind of web hosting is shared hosting. Websites that are just budding can make use of this plan as it is also fully featured and functional. It is one of the best ways to store the associated websites and their contents in one physical machine. In India, the normal web hosting plan goes from Rs 183.33/month to 220.60/month. 

How Do I Choose the Best Cheap Hosting Provider?

Choosing the right hosting provider is important as it determines how efficient your site works and the associated things that you require for your success in marketing. Read through various reputed and genuine articles that offer guidance on the related topic. To support our perusers, we have assembled a rundown of a couple of cost agreeable modest web hosting administrations. 

Top 10 Best Cheap Web Hosting:

  • Hostinger

One of the most incredible web hosting administrations that are reasonable at a less expensive cost. The arrangement for hosting begins at $1.99 each month for a solitary common lodging plan yet the main catch here is that you need to pursue a four-year contract. The web hosting plan upholds one website and coming up next are the administrations that can be benefited.:

  • 100 GB transmission capacity
  • all day, every day/365 client care
  • 30 GB stockpiling
  • Redesigned for WordPress with a solitary tick establishment
  • Easy to understand control board
  • 1 email account
  • Free SSL authentication
  • 99.9% uptime ensure
  • Cloudflare safeguarded nameservers

You can choose them as they are not only budget-friendly but also are easy to use by offering quality support.

  • Bluehost

Bluehost is the most effective way, to begin with, your new site and layout of your establishment. It doesn’t cost a lot and the assistance plan begins from $2.95/month. This web hosting is one of the three suppliers that are suggested by WordPress. They have an amazing integration and the installation process is just a cakewalk. 

The reason why Bluehost is the most recommended one for new sites is that the installation process is simple, it offers a free SSL certificate which when enabled can take you straight to your dashboard. A free delivery network is offered that connects one directly with Cloudflare thus improving your site speed. Here’s what Bluehost offers you, 

  • 50 GB stockpiling
  • Unmetered information transmission
  • the entire day, regular client care through phone and live visit
  • $100 Google Ads credits
  • Modified WordPress foundations and updates
  • Custom WordPress themes
  • 30-day full rebate if you’re not satisfied

Bluehost plans start at $2.95 each month and more superior elements can be profited according to the cost range.  There are more than 2 billion Bluehost users who are enjoying the benefits of using this service. 

  • A2 Hosting 

If you are managing an e-commerce website, you will notice that after a certain point, the practice that you used to follow will no longer be effective. That is when you will need to switch to the new plan and guess which one is the right web hosting plan? A2.

Making use of their services can kick start your online store and get your business up and running and in addition to that, there are no other services that offer such budget-friendly services. 

To install this, all you have to do is a single click and there is no need for integrated backend efforts. So once you install them, you can start working to sell them.

They do an amazing and efficient job for the pricing such as increased page speed and in addition to that, take care of all the technical legwork that is needed for its maintenance.

Being an e-commerce site, the highest priority is given to security. There is a virus scanner, a firewall, and a brute force defense that does not allow the entry of dangerous or malicious users or viruses.  

Given below are a few benefits of making use of A2 for your startup, 

  1. 100 GB stockpiling
  2. Boundless bandwidth
  3. the entire day, consistently/365 client care through phone, live visit, email, and labeling
  4. 99.9% uptime responsibility
  5. DNS the executive’s apparatuses
  6. Site organizing
  7. Boundless email addresses 
  8. Optimized WordPress hosting
  • HostGator 

When your previous web hosting services increase their price, that is the indication that you should start looking for a new one. There is absolutely no need to continue with substandard hosting qualities. 

This hosting supplier will assist you with relocating your old site free of charge including cPanel, email accounts, information bases, scripts, and so forth.

The designs for their administrations start from $2.75/month and have a three-year contract. This web service offers full-time customer care support and live chat services. In addition to this, the renewal plans that the hosting offer is way cheaper than what is offered by others. 

The following are the highlights of using HostGator 

  • Free Google Ads and Bing Ads credits
  • A solitary tick WordPress establishment
  • Free email
  • Boundless information transmission
  • Free SSL confirmation
  • Free space (or selection move)
  • Free website specialist

Also, HostGator provides tons of free tools that help you to easily optimize your site making it fully fictional and efficient. It has a simple-to-utilize interface and gives you command over admittance to your site and data set.

  • DreamHost

Signing a long contract for web hosting can seem a difficult decision to make. But it is inevitable. To get the best and most appropriate services one should sign up and follow their terms and conditions and by complying with them we get the best out of it. In the case of DreamHost, there is an option that you can choose from, if you do not want to sign a contract, you will have to make use of the month-to-month pricing that is quite cheap when compared to the rest. The starter pack for this web hosting service begins from only $1.99/month for one site and there is no need of signing any contract. Making use of DreamHost  can benefit you by offering the following, 

  • Unlimited traffic
  • Free SSL authentication
  • Free robotized WordPress migrations
  • the entire day, consistently live visit and ticket support
  • 50 GB storing
  • Free WordPress website specialist
  • Mechanized WordPress invigorates

BlueHost is similarly definitively recommended by WordPress. The incorporations of the administrations are profound and every one of the updates is dealt with consequently. This method of operation is highly beneficial for security purposes and also reduces your burden. 

  • iPage Go

Is a web hosting specialist co-op that permits you to make limitless sites for under $2 each month. Though other hosting providers also have this feature, they require you to upgrade to the next level if you want to handful two or more sites. 

Since you don’t have a layered assessment you shouldn’t play with upgrading your game plan until you have something more critical.

The iPage Go likewise offers adaptable transfer speed implies they are not metering the traffic to your site. There might be certain restrictions but it does not have a limit on the amount of traffic that comes to your site. 

In addition to the multi-hosting options, there is also a wide range of tools that are being offered by the site making it easy for the owners to optimize their site efficiently.

Other benefits of the site include, 

  • Unlimited databases
  • PayPal integration
  • Site traffic reporting
  • every minute of everyday client care
  • A solitary tick presents for OpenCart, Magneto, and PrestaShop
  • PayPal blend
  • Blend with notable email displaying programming organizations
  • 30-day unrestricted guarantee

This is one of the most amazing hosting administrations at serious costs.

  • GreenGeeks

When your intention is to start a potent eCommerce site, the first plugin that you would deploy is WooCommerce. However, to manage this efficiently, you will need a hosting provider who is well versed in the field. That is where Green Geeks come into play. The affordability of the service provider and the installation process is easy just like A2 and it also offers features such as daily backups and automatic updates irrespective of whether you have chosen a low pricing option. There are three levels of pricing options available, 

  • Starting at $2.95/month
  • Starting at $5.95/month
  • Starting at $10.95/month

One drawback that most owners are not in favor of is that even for the lowest pricing one should agree to a three-year commitment. Aside from that, there are programmed endlessly updates of modules, yet it likewise has a trump card SSL, unmetered traffic, a free area name for the principal year, and 50GB space for one site. However, scalability can become an issue when one can make long-term plans for their site, in such cases, there is always an option to switch to the premium version. 

  • SiteGround

This is an excellent hosting provider for companies and businesses that have just started. It has reasonable pricing and there is full-time tech support available and has seamless WordPress integration.

The pricing special pricing offers are available to those who sign up in advance. The startup price is $3.99/month. For this package, you get 10GB of SSD space, WordPress and plugin updates that are automatic, an SSL certificate, automated backups, caching, working on multiple servers, and support for traffic. 

If you update to the premium version which is priced at $10.69 per month, the benefits are upgraded including 40GB of web space and other WordPress benefits. 

It is easy to set up, making it easy for use for beginners. All you need to do is choose a plan, register the domain, and fill out the payment option before being sent to the dashboard. Upon completion of this process, a set-up wizard will guide you through the installation process. Whatever you need can be turned right on the dashboard, from caching to security and backups 

There is likewise a 24hr help accessible by means of a live visit or telephone. The waiting time is minimal for live chats and phone calls however it takes about 10 minutes at least to receive a reply when you raise an email ticketing. 

A detailed guide is of basic knowledge of how-to procedures on troubleshooting information along with blogs and social media pages across platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and YouTube. 


  • InMotion Hosting 

InMotion Hosting offers both modest shared hosting and modestly overseen WordPress hosting which is expounded below. Like all other cheap hosting services InMotion Hosting also has monthly pricing that is discounted and it will further reduce if you sign up for use for one or two years. The plans of InMotion Hosting range from $2.29/month to $13.099/month. The former has features such as managing two sites, 100GB of SSD storage, 10 email addresses, unlimited bandwidth, a security suite, an SSL certificate, marketing tools, and integrations with google workspace while the latter has features such as 20x speed and performance and a 99.99%uptime guarantee. 

It is easy to set up and works smoothly and efficiently for all users, with onboarding tools and the installation process can be done with just a single click. 

The dashboard is also easy to navigate but the main reason why most people prefer InMotion Hosting is because of the amazing tools such as an SSL, security suite, and email addresses. Another advantageous feature is that website designing becomes an easy task because of the wide range of in-built themes that are available

In terms of customer support services, this web hosting service provider attributes an entire online support center filled with articles that clarifies any sort of doubts related to the field. Customer support can be reached through calls or live chats at any given time of the day. The sales team also has the skype calls system. An online community is also established by this listing provider to help its customers learn about the recent updates and InMotion pages on Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Instagram

  • GoDaddy

One of the best hosting providers is GoDaddy which offers generous server resources, a free domain that has all the plans that are necessary for a business or e-commerce website. And the CPanel hosting management is also easy. One can rely on the efficiency of the site due to its speed and performance. The only downside that this hosting has is that the included security features are only basic and cheaper plans do not offer SSL certificates. A free web domain is included in all their plans and you can pick one from, .biz, .com, .net, .info, .rocks, .spce, and other domains that have top-level recognition. 

When you make use of the GoDaddy hosting services managed by WordPress, plans have their own benefits. There are various in-built themes and plugins that offer regular backups and automatic software updates of WordPress. It also has a pre-installed CMS, so you wouldn’t need to install one. The entire process is easy to set up and once you are logged in you can create pages, posts, and galleries just like how one would do for a self-hosted website.

The basic plan of this hosting service strays from $11. 99/ month and has 30GB of storage, offers site backup, and supports up to 25,000 monthly visitors. 

Though GoDaddy has rich shared hosting plans it still has not come in line with HostGator which holds the ruling hand as the PCMag editor’s voice for shared web hosting services. Both have unlimited domains and unlimited monthly data transfers across the board and give a choice for both Linux or windows-based servers but HostGator tops its rivals by offering unlimited storage and bandwidth that has all the required plans. 


Choosing the right web hosting provider can be hard as it is without narrowing down the list even further to be cost-efficient. But we hope that through the post we have offered you sufficient information and guidance on the subject. 

Our advice to those who are just starting is to take time to list out the things that you require for your site and then make a decision based on your specific needs and priorities. Do not get too many consultations as to confuse you. 

Assuming you are as yet uncertain, the most ideal decision that you can go for is Hostinger and DreamHost as these are awesome among the modest web hosting suggestions. Both these services are safe, easy to use, and the best way to kickstart your site. However, if they do not suit all your needs, you can always refer to this blog as a guide to help you make your final decision. 


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